October 13, 2011

Our mission is to provide Experts with apps and software services to

  • ease their knowledge management ( acquiring, codifying, retaining and organizing it)
  • streamline sharing their knowledge, and
  • build agile learning experience directly.

Kneaver Knowledge Base is a blazing fast app to manipulate key concepts, people, organizations, and rules. Scaffold quickly your knowledge and start elaborating connections between ideas. Read more ..

Learning postcards are an exciting way to transfer knowledge bytes by bytes as soon as it’s formalized. The assistant lets you design the experience without the need for an instructional designer yet afford the same quality. For the recipient, it’s the promise of a short, straight to the point learning with bookmarks, job aids, self-assessment attachments. Read more ..

To become a fluent visual thinker and communicator you need to have a visual library. A visual library for the concepts you manipulate. Keep multiple solutions for each idea and practice so you are not caught off guard in front of the white paper. Read more ..

Adopt a practice of journaling your work. With our combo of kneaver-tray and kneaver-notes we offer the most productive workflow for journaling. It’s not about crafting perfect, comprehensive notes on each topic at once. It’s about capturing the material: ideas, notes, screenshots, links and being able to group and move them around before the need for a clear note emerges. Read more ..

KneaverBot allows you to expose privately or publicly some aspect of your knowledge in conversational bots. Equipped with KneaverKB. Gone are the interruptions to pick your brain, to check if you know about X or know how to do Y. Your peers have a dedicated channel exposing only what you chose. Once you are done with your deep work you can review and resume the conversations where it was left. Read more ..